Okay you guys, I have to share this.

So right now the temperatures here in Minnesota are at record lows. With windchills around -40 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, schools are closing & people are staying inside to protect themselves from the frigid cold.
But one person in Winona, Minnesota, decided to leave her dog out in the cold while she went into the post office. I mean leaving your dog outside isn’t unheard of, but with -40 degree weather? Look at that poor dogs face.
Fortunately one amazing man inside the post office saw the pup freezing & shivering outside and decided to leave his spot in line to go sit with the poor baby until his owner came back outside.
I don’t know what happened when the owner came outside to find a stranger sitting with their dog, but I certainly hope they got a stern lecture about how dangerous it is to leave your pets outside in this kind of cold. If people are bundling up like the Michelin man & still complaining about the cold, I can’t even imagine how cold this poor dog was while sitting outside.

Don’t be stupid, people. Keep your pets warm to keep your pets safe.

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